Stand With the Nurses at Logan Health

We are the 650 nurses of Logan Health, formerly Kalispell Regional Healthcare. Day after day, we are at the bedside, taking care of our patients. That’s where we want to be. But Logan Health management has given us no choice but to authorize an unfair labor practice strike on June 1, 2 and 3.

We didn't want to strike, but Logan Health management gave us no choice.

For the last 19 months, we’ve been negotiating in good faith for a fair union contract that gives us a voice in patient care and recruits and retains the top-quality nurses the Flathead Valley deserves. But every step of the way, Logan Health management has stalled at the bargaining table, refused to respond to our proposals, and tried to intimidate our coworkers who support our union through retaliation and discrimination. These are unfair labor practices, they’re against the law, and they have to stop.

What We Are Fighting For

Logan Health management has continually put the profit of a few over the health and care of our community. As advocates for our patients, we know our area’s only hospital system must do better. And it can do better, when bedside nurses like us have a seat at the table when decisions are being made.

We have made proposals to increase staffing on all of our units so we can safely take care of our patients on each shift.

We have made proposals to reinstate the charge nurse on all of our units so that nurses are supported in taking care of patients.

We have proposed a nurse staffing committee to give nurses a strong voice in staffing decisions throughout KRH.

Our proposals to improve staffing and increase wages and benefits will ensure we are able to recruit and retain nurses to stay and work in the Flathead Valley.